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This entry is the three-hundred-ninety-seventh posting to my site. The oldest dates back to December of 1999. We were living in Vancouver Washington then, enjoying the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest.

A lot has happened in the intervening four years, two major cross-country moves, jobs lost and found, and lost yet again. The tiny seeds of spirituality inside of me have germinated and grown. The relationship with my beautiful wife has blossomed and has continued to be the most profound aspect of my life.

I written of hopes and sorrows, good foods, and high technology here. This site has become a touchstone of my life. I turn here when I have need of expressing my inner self. Knowing that it can be read by anyone, and not knowing who is reading it, is the point. This is my form of confession, and you the reader are the priest.

So thank you dear reader, though your unknown eyes I have seen myself more clearly.

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