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Forty-three things about me in honor of my Forty-Third birthday:

  1. I’m unemployed.
  2. Not really about me, but my brother is out of work too.
  3. I have two cats, Nekko and Taz.
  4. I’ve had some form of a beard or goatee for six years.
  5. I support our troops totally.
  6. I don’t have any faith in the President.
  7. My favorite television show is Survivor.
  8. My second favorite show is The West Wing.
  9. My favorite movie(s) is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  10. I’d love to write a book, but the blank page when you start, stumps me.
  11. I’ve visited every state except Alabama.
  12. I’ve been to eight foreign nations, and a bunch of islands in the Caribbean.
  13. I have (share with my wife) seven personal computers.
  14. Running six different operating systems.
  15. Counting the Tivos in the house, 8 computers and seven OS’s.
  16. My favorite book is Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.
  17. I have over 200 electronic books.
  18. Last time we moved, I had over one ton of “real” books.
  19. I don’t use an alarm clock.
  20. I also don’t wear a watch.
  21. Between my laptop, Palm, and cell phone, I have at least three time pieces with me all the time.
  22. I have (share with my wife) 17 remote controls. She would say they are all mine.
  23. My favorite clothes are sweat pants and flannel shirts.
  24. I hate underwear.
  25. I’m currently reading five different books.
  26. My favorite food dish is Arroz con Pollo.
  27. My favorite dessert is New York style Cheesecake.
  28. I love swimming.
  29. I like taking naps.
  30. I think being in my forties is cool.
  31. I am proud to be a geek.
  32. I wish I could speak a foreign debate.
  33. I’m not good at these lists.
  34. I am totally, completely, helplessly in love with my wife.
  35. That bears repeating. I am totally, completely, helplessly in love with my wife.
  36. I dislike, rather intensely, having my picture taken.
  37. I wear bifocal glasses.
  38. Two years ago for my birthday I had my left ear pierced.
  39. In the eight years my wife and I have lived together, I’ve only slept apart from her two nights.
  40. I am a good cook.
  41. I would love to work for Apple Computer.
  42. I love long hot showers.
  43. I’ve had three in-patient surgeries, and seven out-patient ones.
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