Final Straw, Hopefully

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This week’s coverage of the torture and abuse of prisoners in Iraq sickens me. That the ordinary citizens of Iraq are likening the occupying United States force to Saddam Hussien is a damning indictment.

President Bush’s weak apology to the families of the tortured was embarrassing for me as a citizen of the United States. Secretary Rumsfeld’s arrogance and hubris about the entire situation in Iraq in general, and this most recent revaluation in specific is an indication of how out of control this “war” in Iraq has gotten.

I am reminded of the scene in “Gandhi” at the salt plant where the British beat down row after row of unarmed men as they approach the gates. The line that keeps ringing through my head is delivered by Martin Sheen, “What ever moral ascendancy the British held was lost here today.”

The razor thin moral argument for regime change in Iraq has been lost with the acts of barbarity, inhumanity, and cruelty by the United States towards the people of Iraq. Now, maybe, we the people of the United States can stand up and speak out to affect regime change here at home by removing the Bush war machine from power.

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