First Swim

May 08, 2004

Michele and I enjoyed our first swim of the season today. The pool water has been clearer every day since Thursday, and the air temps have been in the middle to upper eighties. I flipped the heater on Thursday morning with the water temp hovering around 66 degrees. By that evening the water was a toasty 86 degrees.

Friday was out as we were celebrating my birthday with dinner out on my parents. But today was another story. After helping a friend drop a new pool liner in his above ground this morning I came home and vacuumed the bottom and sides of ours. About 2:00 o’clock we slipped into our suits and jumped in for ninety minutes of bliss.

It has been a long seven months since we were last in the water in September. And we had missed it. We’re both pleasantly tired this evening, but already looking forward to another dip tomorrow.

Some fun in the summer sun.

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Mark H. Nichols

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