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There has been some activity lately concerning my employment. Not wanting to jinx anything I haven’t written about it here, however, the lack of release from not writing is getting to me.

After nine weeks of unemployment I am definitely ready to return to work. Just about any work will do, thank you. I have prospects locally, five hours west of here in Kansas City, and 4 hours north in Janesville.

The local prospects include two positions that I would like to have, and one that I’ll take if offered. The best part about any of the three is that staying here keeps all of our moving options open. The minute I take a position that requires a move, we lose all of the the options.

The Kansas City position is the best in terms of duration and perhaps pay. It would also be a good enhancement to my skill set. Neither Michele or I has any knowledge of Kansas City to base our decision upon however. I do have a phone interview early next week that I hope will spawn a face-to-face interview. That would give us an excuse to go look it over. For all intents and purposes we moved to Vancouver and Charleston blind, and we don’t want to do that again if we can avoid it.

The Janesville option is moving along rather quickly. I have several phone conversations and a meeting with an account manager from the consulting firm. It appears that I’ll be getting a face-to-face interview with the client next week.

Michele is still waiting on her Chapel Hill opportunity to make up their minds. When she interviewed there they indicated the new funding would be available in six to eight weeks. It has now been four weeks. If I take either remote opening she loses this chance altogether. That would be hard for both of us to live with at some level. My hope is that I can delay making a choice for as long as possible to give her prospect time to make a decision.

One saving factor is that the Janesville consulting firm is the largest consulting firm in the country. They have offices everywhere. Should Michele be offered the position in Chapel Hill, I am certain I could work with this firm there to find a job quickly.

We are both excited about the recent activity here, and looking forward to the events of next week. I feel my confidence returning, and for the first time in a long time I feel like I will get out of this slump with a better job than I had before.

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