To Powerbook or not to Powerbook

May 29, 2004

An argument could be made that my Powerbook contributed to my, ah, abrupt departure from my last engagement. It was after all the base of my explorations in to TCP/IP networking, ssh, proxies, and NMap.

Curbing my enthusiasm and curiosity will be key in not running afoul of network access restrictions in the future. That, or better technology to obfuscate my activities. <grin />

One approach would be to leave my Powerbook at home when I go off to work. However, after more than a year of constant use, it is as much a part of my daily employment persona as my fedora and suspenders. I will not be happy to leave it home everyday. It serves my electronic books at lunch time, and it is a touchstone of home when I am not there. You might say it is an electronic security blanket.

The other approach is to take it with me. And to tread carefully. The places I’ve worked now cover the spectrum of network access policies; from wide open to look-but-don’t-touch-or-we’ll-fire-your-butt. So I’ll ask first.

As for the role this web site played in my demise, I am not planning on broadcasting the URL for a long time among my future work mates. I don’t think my personal web site should effect my employment at all, for any reason. But since the world doesn’t always work that way I think, I’ll stay low in my foxhole for a while.

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Mark H. Nichols

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