No Apologies

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I’ve never read any of the various ‘steps for success’ books that have been in vogue in the past decade or so. That being said, here is the first step for success in my book:

Be Unapologetic For Taking Care of Yourself I freely and openly enter into partnerships that are mutually beneficial, but I will not enter into a relationship that doesn’t take care of me. And I will not apologize or be deferential in establishing the boundary that takes care of me. I am not beholden to any employer or client.

I am an adult and I have total responsibility for my life. The instant I surrender that control in return for a job, or favor, or benefit from some source outside of myself is the instant that I cease being me.

I will always do that which takes care of me. I will take the steps or actions that result in my well-being. I will not void my moral or ethical responsibilities, nor my integrity in the pursuit of self caring. I will be true and loving towards myself first and foremost.

I am here to take care of me, and I will not apologize for meeting that responsibility.

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