Today Illinois, Tomorrow Kansas

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We are moving. This morning we confirmed our new apartment address, setup utilities, telephone, and the all important broadband internet. We’ve got a small truck reserved for tomorrow, and will be loading enough stuff on it to allow us to set up housekeeping for the next two weeks, while we wait for Allied to bring the rest of our stuff on July 10th.

Have our own domains makes the internet portion of our move rather seamless, our e-mails will continue to come (although I’d like to fake out the 300+ spams I get every day). Having our own routers and cable modem means we should be online again tomorrow evening. Nice.

This will be the forth cross-country move Michele and I have made since getting married, and five if you count the one she made to Illinois from Colorado. Each move had its own flavor, but generally we’ve learned how to make the process smoother and easier on ourselves. This move will be made without a stay in a motel in the middle. We’ll sleep in our own bed tonight, take it apart in the morning, and reassemble it tomorrow afternoon in Overland Park. Very nice.

Posting maybe a bit sporadic as we adjust to our new home and circumstances.

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