50 Communities, 2 States, 1 City

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We have been living in Overland Park, a southern suburb of Kansas City, for just over a week now. As expected the trauma of moving and the shock of the transition from a house to an apartment is taking a toll. Nothing huge, but we’ve each had periods of depression at the loss we are experiencing.

This weekend we’ve taken several hours each day to explore our new surroundings. What we’ve discovered, affirmed really, is that KC is a collection of smaller communities. Some of these are very pretty and quaint. Some of the neighborhoods closer to downtown are beautiful, filled with nice homes and large shade trees.

The restaurant selection is huge, and while it seems counter-intuitive, no where near as crowded as the few choices Springfield offered. With more to choose from, a LOT more, no one is the hot spot. We’ve enjoyed trying new places and getting away from the old standards.

My work is slowly taking shape. Like all new jobs they were in a big hurry to get me started so I could sit and twiddle my thumbs for a week while an assignment was crafted for me to complete. Hopefully the second week will be better, maybe I’ll even get a workstation of my very own. At least I already have a desk and a phone.

We are preparing for the arrival of the rest of our household belongings next Saturday. We are going to rent a storage locker down the road for the overflow. Moving from 1800 square feet to just over 1000 means there isn’t enough room. Period. Our plan is to rent a U-Haul (gaa!) and have the movers transfer those items we know will be stored straight from their truck to ours. Less work for us that way. It will be a long couple of days sorting out our home, but it will be very nice to have furniture again.

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