Behaving Myself

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Seeing as how I lost my last employment gig through exploration of the client’s network, I am trying my best to not cross any known or unknown boundaries here at my new gig.

It isn’t easy.

The messages here are contradictory at best. We have seemingly open internet access, but we aren’t given administrator rights to our workstations. There is a prominent link on the client’s intranet addressing “un-approved software.” It isn’t allowed.

Yet two of my co-workers discovered that they can avoid using GroupWise (the client standard for email and scheduling) by setting up Outlook. Their reasoning is that if the powers that be didn’t want us using the software on our machines, then they wouldn’t have installed it in the first place.

Much as I want to follow in their footsteps, and maybe make a few of my own, I am resisting the urge to explore for now. If the nonconforming steps my co-workers have taken go unnoticed for a while, then I may poke around a bit.

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