Fahrenheit 9/11

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Go see this movie. Do it today. Take your friends, your family, your coworkers. I don’t care if you agree with Michael Moore or not. His film is the first alternative view we have had of the events leading up to and following the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001.

The view itself isn’t as important as its being stated. In America we all have the right to have an opinion. Moreover we have the right to express that opinion. The current political administration is only the caretaker of our country for a prescribed period of time. That they want to forever take away your rights and your freedoms is a crime against our Constitution.

Thank you Michael Moore for giving voice to an alternate view of our country. Thank you for your courage to stand up and speak out when the Orwellian neo-conservative forces in our country want us all to sit down, mind our manners, shut up, and march obediently into a fascist state.

Go see this movie. Exercise that most crucial part of the idea that is the United States of America: your brain. Think. Express. Participate. Speak now or you may lose your voice forever.

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