1000 Cubic Feet

July 27, 2004

Michele and I have completed the last major task on our moving to-do list. We’ve stored all the overflow items in two climate controlled lockers down the road. Each locker is five feet by ten feet, with about 10 feet of vertical space. We filled each to capacity, so we have 1000 cubic feet of stuff in storage.

Our plan coming here was to rent for a year to learn the lay of the land, and to determine if KC is good for us long term. We had a lot of questions regarding our new adventure, questions that required time to answer. Will my new job be enjoyable and truly long-term? Will Michele find long term employment that is satisfying for her? Will we like the area and its people?

Renting meant less space - much less space. So spare computers, bicycles, lawn chairs and garden hoses are in storage. Along with linens, towels, books, videos, stereo equipment, and pots and pans. Getting this ton or two of stuff from our tiny garage stall to the locker required two trucks, and two longs days of effort. The thought of having to retrieve it all in less than twelve months is enough to make me cry.

So, as I sit here slowly knotting up into a mass of abused muscles, I am wondering if I can bring myself to just throw away or donate away everything left in those two lockers next July.

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