Not Again

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This afternoon as I was leaving work, I met two of my new coworkers headed back into the building. We stopped and visited for a moment. They had just gotten a call from the president of the company we all work for on this engagement. Their contracts are being ended in two weeks.

My stomach sank.

We all just started this project in late June.

Oh. My. God.

The reason they were given was that IBM had brought on too many people too soon in the project; there wasn’t enough work to support all the consultants. I think the real reason also includes a delay in getting the requirements and business analysis material from the analysts in Washington DC. No matter what the reason, our team is now at least two members smaller.

I left then, and came home. Michele and I are each apprehensive about the upcoming week or two. The fact that I haven’t gotten a call is good news. The fact that I recently heard about an opportunity for work back in Springfield may be a very good thing.

Last night I couldn’t sleep for being over tired. Tonight I am expecting a long night as I lie awake and wonder where I’ll be working next week. Or next month.

This whole employment thing sucks.

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