The Power of One

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Most of us, I think, believe that one vote or one voice makes little impact in the world today. Certainly after the debacle of the 2000 Presidential Election in Florida you have to wonder if individuals have any power in the process of our republic. I know I did.

That is until yesterday.

I got a call from the candidate who’s campaign Michele and I joined back in July. I setup a small, rather humble, website for Bob, and filled it with his words and positions. It seems that while out walking door to door campaigning, Bob rang the bell of a young couple who reacted to his name. They had been to his website and read his positions. They told him that as a result of the information provided online they were going to vote for him on November 2nd.


The idea that a website I created and hosted for this man is actually causing people to vote differently than they would have otherwise just blows me away. Sure the positions are Bob’s, but without my contribution it is unlikely he would have had a website at all. His district is heavily populated with voters other the other party, so every vote we can garner is critical. My “one voice” does have power. My “one vote” does make a difference.

At a time when so much of my life feels out of control and chaotic, hearing that I made a difference was just about the best news I could have gotten.

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