Giving Thanks

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Michele and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Starting on Wednesday with a matinee showing of National Treasure and culminating with 4 glorious days of doing nothing.

The food was plentiful and fantastic tasting. We made perhaps the best roast turkey we’ve ever had, complete with dressing, cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges, and greens. The weekend also included portions of hamburgers, Dublin Coddle, homemade beef vegetable soup, fresh strawberries over vanilla ice cream, and chocolate lava cake.

We watched movies too. Everything from “The Matrix” to “The Majestic”, and from “Fried Green Tomatoes” to “Finding Nemo” by way of “The In-Laws”. There were naps, and reading, and general relaxing.

The best part of the weekend however, wasn’t the food or the movies. It was the time spent with my wife. We needed some serious downtime, some time to re-connect with each other, some time to re-connect with ourselves. The past months have taken their toll on our spirits, our energy, and our general well-being. This weekend went a long way towards restoring us to at least a shadow of our former selves.

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