Film and Print Diversions

January 01, 2005

De-lovely is a wonderful musical love-story. Kevin Kline astounds as Cole Porter in this de-lightfully presented story of his life, his music, and his love.

Control Room is a documentary about the most important television station in the Arab world, if not the entire world: Al Jazeera. Thought provoking and unflinching, this important film shows us that there is always another side to the stories our media and our government present.

Bush’s Brain is the film version of the book by the same name. Focusing on Karl Rove this film paints a picture of the power behind the power, of the man who for all intents an purposes is co-president. If you want to understand one of the key figures shaping the political landscape in America today, you need to include this film on your list.

UPDATED: 1.2.2005: I’ve added a whole new page to track the books and films I watch this year. Films are entered on the day they are watched, books on the day they are started.

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