Closing, If Not Closure

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The event we’ve been waiting for since last spring is finally on the calendar.

12:00 PM (Central time) April 29, 2005.

This is the date and time of the closing on our house in Illinois. Yep. It’s sold. Just a few more items on the “to-do” list, and a few more days on the calendar and we rejoin the ranks of the non-home owners. Even though we’ve been living in this, ah, apartment for the past 10 months we still felt like home owners because we were still home owners.

And we had the mortgage payments to prove it.

Now that we are about to be free from this burden we both are feeling bittersweet. We know that Illinois isn’t right for us and yet we feel a sense of loss about no longer having any real home - even if it was in Illinois. We have no idea when (or really even where) we’ll have a home, a house again. And the sense of displacement is powerful at times.

So we will have a closing, and that will move us one more step towards closure.

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