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My driver’s license expires in just three weeks and so this afternoon Michele and I ventured out in search of the Kansas DMV so I could start the process of getting a new one. Having now lived in several states as a licensed driver, I’ve been through the gauntlet of tests, forms, lines, et cetera several times. I was expecting to get the review booklet today in preparation for a written test later.

Like all driver’s license centers, this one was true to the bare cinderblock walls and massively uncomfortable plastic chairs motif. When we arrived there were about 9 applicants in line ahead of us; by the time we left the line extend out of the building and on to the sidewalk.

The surprise was that no test was required. I barely had time to fill out the $22 check before I was getting my picture taken. My new Kansas license will be in the mail in two to three weeks.

Easily the least painful driver’s license exchange I’ve ever been through. And, as a bonus, I still have my soon to expire Illinois license intact.

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