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As seen on Blue Plaid Shirt, these are my URL ABCs:

A is for And If You Did Know? B is for bbum’s rants, code & references C is for CSS Vault D is for Daring Fireball E is for Etherfarm F is for Forwarding Address: OS X G is for Grey Expectations H is for Hivelogic I is for iWalt » WEblog J is for Jason Santa Maria K is for Kottke L is for Loobylu M is for Manical Rage N is for Nick Finck O is for On A Long Piece of String P is for Playground Blues R is for Rands in Repose S is for Sarah Hatter T is for Thought Anomalies U is for Uber Design V is for Veerle’s Blog W is for What Do I Know X is for XLab Z is for Zeldman

I’m missing Q and Y.

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