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Yesterday at noon the closing off the house sale in Illinois took place. Michele and I chose not to return to Illinois for the event. Partly due to our financial situation, partly due to the 10-hour round trip drive involved, and mostly because of the bittersweet quality of the transaction. We were very happy in that house and now it feels like it was taken by strangers. It was easier not to have to meet them and suffer through their enthusiasm and joy while trying to console our own sadness.

Yesterday I got my Kansas drivers license in the mail. I guess that makes it official, I’m now a resident in one of the most conservative red states in the country. Now I understand how a long-tailed cat feels in a room full of rocking chairs.

In one week I’ll be 44. Middle aged, if I live to be 88. Like everyone else I get reflective when my birthday rolls around. This year is no different; I just wish I had more uplifting things to reflect upon. Oh well, they saw it’s always darkest just before the dawn. I guess the metaphorical sun is about to come blazing through the windows of my life.

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