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Recently I updated my resumes on Monster and Dice. I had been very active on these two sites last spring during the 100 days I was out of work, but I had ignored them entirely since starting here in July 2004.

Imagine my surprise when within hours of posting an updated resume on Dice I stated getting emails and phone calls. The number of contacts only increased when I updated my profile on Monster. It would appear that the technical job market has taken a turn for the better. A year ago I could get a phone call to save my life, now I’m having to fend them off by letting the voice mail take some calls.

Of course it could be that my resume is more buzz-word compliant these days. I’ve added J2EE, and its associated complimentary technologies in a major way since going to work here. But I think the market as a whole is healthier than it was 12 months ago.

I’m not really looking for a change in employment right now. But it is nice to take the temperature of the local tech market waters and find it inviting.

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