An Open Letter to the Senate

July 02, 2005

I strongly urge the Senate to exercise its rightful role in the upcoming selection and confirmation process for supreme court justice. As Justice O’Connor was often the pivotal vote, her replacement needs to be similar ideologically.

With President Bush’s term still having over three years to run, he will likely have several opportunities to move the court towards the right - a move that will disenfranchise vast numbers of Americans and further erode our society by putting personal religious convictions ahead of our societies needs.

Replacing Justice O’Connor with a like minded jurist will keep the court balanced at a time when the rest of the government seems to be shifting towards the right. A conservative or, worse, fundamentalist jurist would not only move the court to the right, they would reverse the direction of the court altogether.

Please remember that although the current administration was elected by a majority of conservative voters, the majority of Americans are not conservative and do not want an ideologue turning their country into a restrictive society where women have no rights over their bodies, and where personal lifestyle choices result in loss of freedoms.

Again I urge the Senate to carefully consider the implications of this selection and confirmation process as it will shape our country for decades to come.

Sincerely, Mark H. Nichols

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Mark H. Nichols

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