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Over the long holiday weekend we watched several movies.

The Village M. Night Shyamalan’s wonderful movie about a remote village surrounded by a forest containing a secret enemy. We hadn’t seen this before and were expecting a “horror” type film. The twists and turns the plot takes are very good and ultimately the movie is very satisfying.

The Pacifier While this one was predictable and aimed at younger audience it was good for a laugh. Vin Diesel’s wooden acting actually makes him a good straight man for sight and pratfall gags.

Hotel Rwanda A powerful, disturbing, and moving true story about genocide in our time. As you watch with horror the killing and destruction you cannot believe that this happened only ten years ago and that you remember nothing about it on the news. Western “civilization” turned its back on the people of Rwanda ten years ago at a cost of nearly a million lives. Today we are again turning our backs on the situation in the Sudan. What good is it to be a superpower if all we can do invade and occupy a country we’ve been bombing for over a decade while ignoring mass killings in another country?

The Last Shot A surprisingly funny sleeper. We had seen a clip of this on “The Daily Show” when it was first released but never rented the movie. A very funny farce about a true FBI sting operation involving Hollywood and the mob.

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