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July 27, 2005

Recently we’ve watched:

In Good Company A light-hearted look at corporate takeover and employment angst. Somewhat predictable, but funny and enjoyable all the same.

Hostage I read this book several years ago, and once again, the movie was lacking. When every the screenplay doesn’t involve the author of the book you know you are in trouble. Most disturbing was a recurring rape theme that I don’t remember at all in the book. Using rape as “entertainment” is not only sick, it’s wrong.

Coach Carter Very good movie, perhaps better than “Remember the Titans”. As always Samuel L. Jackson delivers a commanding performance.

Be Cool The sequel to “Get Shorty”, Be Cool tries and ultimately fails to achieve its title command. The ensemble cast is great, and there are bits that are quite good, but the coy attempt to recreate a Pulp Fiction like feel fall flat.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine A very interesting look at the “defeat” of Garry Kasparov by IBM’s chess computer Deep Blue. Very little actual chess, but a lot of discussion about the atmosphere around the games in New York City where the computer ultimately won the match.

Final Cut A slightly futuristic film about the impact of chips implanted in humans to record their entire lives. Robin Williams stars and turns in a good performance, but the story left me wanting more. The conclusion was dissatisfying in that his character’s life ultimately has no meaning.

The Aviator A tremendous movie, with an outstanding performance by Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. A disturbingly good portrayal of life with obsessive compulsive illness and no treatment.

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