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In what is rapidly becoming a regular feature around here, I present to you, dear reader, a list of recently watched films.

The Sound of Music We added this classic musical to our collection this weekend. It maybe one of the best movies ever made with stunning scenery, outstanding acting, incredible music, and villinous Nazis for drama. There is true wit and humor, an actual romance, and some of the best music ever in film. The Sound of Music marked the end of an era; the era of fine film making.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash A light hearted romp for Whoopie Goldberg. Nothing deep or meaningful, just good comedy, with a mild dose of drama thrown in for spice.

The War of the Worlds I remember watching the original 1953 version on ‘Dialing for Dollars’ as a kid and being terrified as only an overly imaginative boy can be, so I was slightly disappointed in this remake. Sure the special effects today are better than they were 50 odd years ago, but the story itself got weaker, as did the overall acting.

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