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Kung Fu Hustle A riot of a movie; zany, filled with stunts, and surreal. Think Bugs Bunny meets Matrix meets Jackie Chan.

Alexander Long, slow, tedious. The story plods along and is hard to follow by virtue of flashbacks. The sound quality is such that you can barely understand the lines being spoken by the actors. Did I mention it was long and tedious?

The Upside of Anger Dreary to the point were we turned it off less than thirty minutes after starting it.

Elvis Has Left the Building A very funny light hearted romp. Great cameos by some unlikely people. Good fun all around.

Forrest Gump Every bit as good today as it was when it came out. We own it on VHS tape but I want to get a DVD copy because this movie will always be in my collection. Tom Hanks does an outstanding job in the title role. Certainly he is one of our finest actors today.

Stone Cold A sleeper that was actually made for television, Stone Cold delights. Tom Selleck is perfect in the lead role as a troubled LA cop who has moved to Paradise MA to start over again. Only there is trouble in paradise. A very enjoyable film

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