128 Hours Later

August 30, 2005

So, on Thursday last week at around 7:30 our primary Tivo died. Efforts to resuscitate it failed. Tivo kindly initiated an exchange for us, sending a refurbished series 2 machine our way.

This morning the DHL guy dropped it off, and Michele immediately started hooking it up. Fresh out of the box it takes a good 4 hours for the initial formatting to complete. Overcoming issues with the phone connection, Michele was able to start the format operation about noon. Once it was completed it was apparent that the wrong set of channels had been set up. Luckily the second pass through to change the channels to the proper set only took 40 minutes.

By 5:30 this evening we had most of our season passes reestablished, and the Tivo was already recording programming for us.

I am happy to say that we survived 128 hours or so of “live” television; mostly by not watching live television, roughly a dozen movies were watched instead.

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Mark H. Nichols

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