Ten Mac Apps

September 10, 2005

Om Malik has started a new meme, this time about freeware or shareware Mac applications “that have helped you get the most out of your Mac.”

Here’s my list:

X-Pad: A notepad with state. No files to save or open, just type and it is saved for you. As an incorrigible note taker this gem has saved my desk from being awash in little, yellow, slightly sticky bits of paper.

Comictastic: The best way to read comics online. Think of it as a Tivo for the funny papers.

Adium: My only chat client. With support for all the major protocols, as well as themes and skins, Adium is simply the best.

Fuzzy Clock: This menu bar add-on displays the time as you would say it out loud (“twenty past eight”). And with numerous dialects (Elmer Fudd any one?) it has permanently replaced the digital and analog clock on my menu.

Palm Reader: As an avid reader of books I have learned to appreciate electronic books. With Palm Reader I can take a book with me anywhere I can take my palm with me.

VLC: For those video formats QuickTime won’t play.

TransLucy: An alternative DVD viewer that turns the movie into a transparent overlay allowing you to watch the movie through your desktop, or your desktop through the movie.

Growl: A notification framework that interacts will any number of other applications. Adium, iTunes, even cron tasks now inform me of their activities in a manner I find pleasing.

SideTrack: This trackpad driver allows me to have outer- and center- button click functionality without a mouse. Scrolling (horizontal and vertical) is also provided.

Witch: An alternative to CMD-TAB, Witch allows you to see all the minimized windows on your machine at once so you can select the one you want. Between CMD-TAB, Quicksilver, and Witch I am able to interact my way with my Mac.

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