Posse Comitatus

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The Posse Comitatus act prevents the United State government from using US troops for domestic law enforcement duties. Local or state militias, e.g., the National Guard, can and are used to restore order and assist in emergencies.

However a minor coup has occurred in Washington D. C. recently, and el presidente Bush has found a way around having federally sponsored and directed armies at his disposal here on American soil.


Yes, mercenaries are now patrolling the streets and wards of New Orleans. Outfits like Blackwater (think of of them as a Kelley service for armed to the teeth thugs) are being paid by your tax dollars to interfere, er, help in Louisiana. Stories like this one are too frightening to take in all at once. Do we as Americans really want our military to outsource their responsibilities to some company whose owner’s just happened to give tens of thousands of dollars to the current ruling junta?

It is time to wake up and smell the toxic coffee my friends. The neo-cons through their puppet George Bush have stolen our country, and they are having a fire sale as we sit idly by fixated on the outcome of next Sunday’s “big game.”

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