The Attention Span of a Gnat

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In recent years I’ve discovered that under normal circumstances I have the short term attention span of a gnat. The technical term for this is N. A. D. D.. Michele would ask me to change out the empty 5-gallon water jug for a full one on the dispenser and, unless I did it immediately, I’d forget. She took to leaving the empty jug in my way coming into the house.

Grocery shopping is another area of my mind littered with sinkholes. I set off for the store needing three, or four items, and spend 30 minutes wandering up and down the isles trying to remember the one thing I really needed. My Palm sports a nifty little shopping list database to avoid that very problem.

The last ten days or so have been anything but normal. I figure I’m doing well to remember my own name, much less anything else. About the only thing helping me out here is my need to be a creature of habit. I have been relying heavily upon long establish routines to get me showered, shaved, dressed (properly) and off to work every day. Because what was formerly a cute form of ADD (Michele actually called me ‘ADD-boy’ on more than a few occassions.) is now a full blown case of Gnat Attention Span (GAS).

The prime example of GAS is happening right now as I can no longer remember the ultimate point I wanted to make with this posting. Oh well, at least I have the piece of paper that explains who I am and where I live.

It’s right here….

Uh oh.

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