A Love of Movies

October 24, 2005

Michele and I both shared a love of movies. Long before we ever met we looked forward to seeing new movies and renting old favorites to see again. Throughout our relationship we watched movies together. In what I later learned was a litmus test, one of the first weekends we spent together included a suggestion from her that we see “The Mirror Has Two Faces”, a romantic comedy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my willingness to share that enjoyment with her earned me extra points.

About the only kind of movie Michele didn’t care for were testosterone action flicks. Or anything with “the Arnold” in it. Most of those I’d watch by myself, although the more dramatic ones she would sometimes watch with me. Especially if we did it in our home office where she could be working on her computer and only half watching the explosions and other male silliness on the screen.

I have been using movies to fill the hours these last two weeks. But I’ve stayed away from any that we saw together, or that I new she liked. I’m not ready to try and experience a movie we both enjoyed together. So I’ve been watch testosterone movies, one after another. Here’s a short list:

Kingdom of Heaven Gone in 60 Seconds Armageddon Deep Impact Ocean’s Eleven Bourne Supremacy Lethal Weapon II Terminator Terminator II Terminator III: The Rise of the Machines Braveheart Batman Begins

The last movie we saw out together was “Must Love Dogs”, which we both liked and enjoyed.

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