Antsy in the Night

October 29, 2005

Every night now the same pattern happens. I move through the evening until I get sleepy and then I go to bed. Sometimes I lie in bed watching television until I get sleepy. Some nights I fall asleep and stay asleep until morning. Other times, like this evening, I can’t get my mind to stop racing when I close my eyes.

On nights like this one I have to stay up until I am exhausted and can’t stay awake any longer. Then I basically pass out until morning. I have some Xanax that the doctor gave to Michele for her anxiety, and on the two occasions I’ve taken them I have been able to go to sleep. But I don’t like having to drug myself to sleep.

Still, getting enough rest is probably a good idea. I suppose I should take a Xanax or a Tylenol PM. I just don’t want to lie there seeing images in my head that I can’t stop.

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Mark H. Nichols

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