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As time inexorably moves me away from the time I shared with Michele I start to gain fragments of clarity. More and more I have the sense that her time here on this plane of existence was meant to end when she moved to Colorado ten years ago. The chance meeting we had online in December 1995 altered her orbit enough to give us this time together, but the gravity of our love wasn’t strong enough to completely alter her destiny.

Do I rage and bemoan the shortness of our time together or should I rejoice the laughter and warmth we shared? As humans we are constantly balancing feelings and thoughts. Eastern philosophy talks of yin and yang, and I believe that my responses to her death are in line with the duality represented in that concept. I move from sadness, sorrow, and bitterness to laughter, new energy, and hope.

Our time together in this lifetime was fleeting. Michele moved through all the lives she touched like a meteor shower across a summer sky. I know that when I leave this lifetime for the next that we will be together again. And knowing that allows me to continue on here.

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