Big Dopey, Part II

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Once upon a time I ran afoul of software that I had installed and forgotten about. Recently I’ve been making a mountain out of a molehill regarding my home network setup. Ever since we moved here I’ve wanted to have a network server, I just hadn’t taken the time to set it up. With long evenings and weekends looming I thought this would be a good time to execute my plans.

In hindsight I can only say that my thought processes are fuzzier than I realized even a month after Michele died.

All I needed to accomplish my goal was to move the cable modem and wireless router from the main room to the spare bedroom. Since that router has 4 unused Ethernet ports in back I would be able to plug in all three spare computers if I desired. No new equipment required. The two main computers are both wireless capable and can connect to the LAN regardless of where they are in relation to the router.

What I did was to scour the city for a new Ethernet bridge that could be hooked into an old hub so the machines in the spare room could be plugged in to the network. Failing to find what I wanted I bought a new 802.11g router that I was going to use as a bridge coupled with the old hub.

Understand that I have been thinking about this for a week or so, and trying to make the router cum bridge work for a couple of nights. And all I needed to do was move the modem and router from one room to the other. Took three, maybe four minutes to set up.

I’m a big dopey.

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