Things That Go Splat

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Tonight was my second karate workout since late last century. The theme was break falling, throws, and takedowns. Graceful I was not. Break falling required smoothness and body control. My mind knows what to do, but my body has forgotten the flow of it.

I was less out of wind tonight, but then the very nature of the workout provided lots of time lying down. The blue belt I worked with all night was good. I think we both got something out of the experience.

Mostly I am pleased to be doing something physical again. I know it’ll take my body a couple of months to readjust to the impacts and stresses this activity requires. But the release is important, especially at a time when I am filled with emotional and mental stress.

Next week it’s back to the regular class schedule, Tuesday and Thursday. The week after I’ll only work out once due to Thanksgiving. Easing back into it like this is working out well for me. Hopefully by the time the new year rolls around I’ll be able to complete a work out and not pay for it physically for the next few days.

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