Exception Refund

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Michele and I had bought plane tickets to travel to NC for Thanksgiving way back in early September. We did this through Expedia.com and I called them to see about getting a refund once I made the decision not to go by myself. I sent all the paperwork they asked for THREE weeks ago and today I called to see what the status of the exception refund was. They claim they’ve never received my letter.

Now I know that when I’ve used that excuse in the past I was lying, so I am assuming they are lying as well. When was the last time the USPS lost a letter? They just don’t want to refund the $526 to me. So now I get to resubmit my claim, this time using a “traceable shipping method.” I.E., Fed Ex.


The worst part is they are only going to turn around and submit it to the airline for me. They say it could be 2 - 3 months before I get the refund and that my claim could be denied altogether. Happy happy, joy joy.


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