Once More Into The Breach

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Ah the nomadic life of a technology knowledge worker in the free trade market. In what is becoming an all too familiar scene in my life, I was informed today that my contract will be ending on January 12, 2006. And on a Friday too, so I can spend the entire weekend feeling helpless and out of control.

Could it get any better?

Granted I am being given a month’s notice, which is very generous, and the local market is large and, seemingly, full of opportunity. Of course the next four weeks contain two of the largest holidays of the year and represent the low-point in annual productivity in most office settings. I suspect there aren’t a lot of hiring interviews the last week of December.

My biggest concern is how to measure any potential engagement at a time in my life when deciding what to watch on television is monumentally hard. I am not myself these days, and I shouldn’t have to be, after all, Michele just died 59 days ago. I haven’t even cleaned out her side of the closet yet.

And if you should be a potential employer who stumbled on this site and wonder if it is me, I assure you it some other guy with the same name. If it is the same guy just treat this as a sarcastic blowing off of steam, the regularly scheduled professionalism normally displayed here will return shortly.

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