From A Distance

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A few weeks after Michele’s death I went to a bar with some people from work to see a fellow work mate and his band play. It was good, and it got me out of the apartment for a few hours at a time when I need diversions. In the days that followed my bass-playing friend and I discussed music quite a bit. He gave me a CD called One Fair Summer Evening by Nanci Griffith. Although more “country” than I normally prefer, her voice is liquid smooth and the live recording is very good.

One song off the album in particular has really touched me. Her version of From A Distance is incredible. In the introduction she explains that the song means something different to “every ear that hears it.” For me it makes me think of Michele, in particular of her watching over me from a distance. Even though she is no longer here physically she is still a part of my life. I listen to that track every day, sometimes twice a day. It really is very good.

If you have iTunes (and why wouldn’t you have it?) you can get the song via this link: {{ $image := .ResourceGetMatch “badgeitunes61x15dark.gif” }}

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