The Mind Is the First To ... ah ... Something

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Several years ago I got hooked on the idea of electronic books. Thanks to a free reader for the Palm OS from eReader and a huge selection of titles there as well, I’ve amassed quite a collection of books on my hard drive.

The problem is tracking which ones I’ve read and which ones I haven’t. For lack of a better structure I create a folder for each author inside the ebookz folder, and I place their titles inside. Some times I purchase three or four new titles at a time, and they all disappear into various author folders. After reading the first one I often can’t remember which other ones I’ve recently purchased but not yet read.

Thankfully eReader provides an electronic bookshelf that lists all the books I’ve purchased, in purchase order. So periodically I visit the site, not to buy new books, but to discover which books I already own buy may have lost in the shuffle.

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