Too Many Movies

January 02, 2006

It was a long four day weekend for me. I watched too many movies.

Ghost Still as tender and beautiful a love story as when I first saw it. This was one of the films I had rented for Michele and I to watch the day she died. The final scene left me in tears today.

The Rock Not the worst action film ever, but not the best one either. Just a couple hours of testosterone to waste time with.

La Femme Nakita The original “Point of No Return”, and a far better movie from start to finish.

The Abyss While the cold war message isn’t as relevant today as it might have been when this was originally released, it’s still a good film.

Minority Report I enjoy near-future movies because I want to see what other people think the next 10, 20, or 30 years will bring in terms of technology. This film has some very interesting thoughts about where we’ll be in 50 years.

The Bourne Identity While it deviates from the original Robert Ludlum book almost immediately, this was a surprisingly good action film.

The Bourne Supremacy Not as good as the first film above, but still reasonably good. Since there were originally three books about this character I suspect we’ll see the “Bourne Ultimatum” before too much longer.

Sorcerer A taut thriller that isn’t even out on DVD as far as I know. Originally I saw this on the late, late show and years later lucked onto a VHS copy of it. well worth the effort to find and watch.

On The Beach Every bit as good today as when it first was released. A chilling look at one potential future we as humans face if we don’t settle down and stop thinking that force is the answer.

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