It's A Small World

January 12, 2006

Between online shopping on the Internet and package delivery services like FedEX, the world just keeps getting smaller.

I ordered an iPod for myself Tuesday afternoon at 3:01 pm. The order history on FedEx starts at 10:33 am on Wednesday morning in Shanghai China. Turns out that 3:10 PM CST on 1/10/2006 is 5:01 AM China time on 1/11/2006. The order was shipped from China by 12:20 PM 1/11/2006 (or 10:20 PM here on the 10th). Since then it has been to Alaska and Indiana, and it is currently at the local FedEx facility in Lenexa - just down the road from my apartment. 39 hours and 53 minutes from the time the order was placed until it is on the truck, out for delivery - from half way around the planet.

And I ordered custom engraving for my iPod so at least the back had to complete manufacturing before it should be shipped. Unbelievable.

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Mark H. Nichols

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