Workin' The Holiday

January 16, 2006

Because I can’t read a calendar, or rather didn’t try to read one, my short mini-vacation is scheduled for next weekend rather than this three-day weekend. D’oh!

So I’m working the holiday today to make up for the extra vacation time my error will cost me. Having the contract end on a Thursday this year (the 12th) has also given me some extra hours. At the start of the week I only had 32 hours I could bill against the old contract, and eight hours I could bill on Friday, day one of the new contract. As I was ahead on hours by close of business Thursday I carried the six hours I couldn’t bill over to this week. That six hours, plus time here yesterday and today, will easily offset the extra day of vacation and more.

For whatever perverse reason I’ve always kinda of liked working on a holiday. There’s no one else here so there aren’t any interruptions, and there is a very casual feel to the job for once. The only downside is that this building is a bit creepy with all the lights off. The sun is barely up so there isn’t any light from outside yet, and the long hallways are shadowy and empty. Ooky-spooky.

Only two more work days until vacation.

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