Wi-Fi: $9.95... Wired: free

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Travel is not a major part of my life. One or maybe two trips a year is about my speed anymore. And I really haven’t traveled that much with a laptop at my disposal so I am new to the wonderful world of getting online in the airport. As I have some time to kill prior to my flight to Chicago today I wandered into the “Expedia.com Cafe” and got out my laptop. Trying to access my normal web home page resulted in the expected, “you have to pay” screen. Deciding that being on vacation was cause enough to splurge the 10 bucks required for Wi-Fi access I started filling in the online signup form.

However, as I was ready to submit the charge I noticed that every other laptop in use in the room was using a wired connection. Hmm. Breaking out my CAT-5 cord and plugging it in resulted in FREE access. No mention of that on the Wi-Fi greeting page. I guess it pays to try all the options available before plunking down your credit card.

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