All Your Computer Are Belong To Us

February 02, 2006

In the three years I’ve been using a Macintosh as my primary personal computer I never bother to run anti-virus software. And in hundreds of hours online, with thousands of files downloaded I’ve never had a problem. Having an operating system that is significantly harder to crack and, that just isn’t a target of the pond scum who create viruses, was one of the major reasons for getting the Powerbook in the first place.

That, and it was cool.

I’ve now had my new Windows machine for about 48 hours; its only been online for about 12 of those hours, and already the anti-virus software has quarantined a file because it was infected. That’s right. Only two days to have my perimeter breached.

My reasons for getting this machine were sound, and still are sound. But having lived inside the walled compound of Apple for three years I was unprepared for the conditions out on the streets of the rest of the computing world.


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Mark H. Nichols

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