As If The <Blink> Tag Wasn't Bad Enough

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Not to have sour grapes about my new computer or any thing, but…

In the row of status indicator lights at the base of the screen there is one for WI-FI status. When it is lit you have a WI-FI signal. And when you have traffic on said signal the light BLINKS. Over and OVER. Since I have Wireless here at Chez Nichols the freaking light is always BLINKING. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

I’m just N.A.D.D. enough that having a BLINKING light in my field of view drives me insane.

Now I realize that some engineer at Lenovo World Domination Headquarters thought it would be really slick to overload the information channel provided by the light; instead of two values (off = no signal, on = signal) we can add a third: (incredibly annoying) BLINKING for traffic.

I guess the information starved among us would like this feature, but I would vastly prefer an option to turn the freaking BLINKING off.

I’m seriously considering getting a bottle of model airplane paint and touching the indicator up a bit.

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