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Over the weekend I decided to get (yet another) computer bag. Finding one that suits me, carries all my electronic toys, and looks good is not as easy as you’d think. Witness the FIVE other computer bags I now have in the closet. They were all good bags; each did what they were supposed to do, but over time some flow or failing would become apparent and I’d start the search for a replacement.

With the arrival of a new notebook computer and my desire to be able to take both the ThinkPad and the Powerbook with me, not only did I need a new bag, I needed one that could safely hold two computers, their power supplies, and my extras. Not an easy task. Several weeks ago, while killing time before meeting friends for dinner, I saw a Wenger wheeled bag in Best Buy that caught my eye. The Patriot was nicely proportioned, had plenty of internal storage, wasn’t gaudy, and included a separate, padded “to go” bag to house the notebook.

Saturday while browsing bags at CompuUSA I saw the Wenger bag again and, after examining the pull out notebook tote, got to wondering if it would hold both the Powerbook AND the ThinkPad. The main pocket of the tote was obviously large enough for the ThinkPad, my question was: would the accessory pocket be large enough for the Powerbook. Eyeballing the fit with the display Powerbook in the store was enough to warrant a purchase and a test run at home. Much to my joy the outer pocket on the tote snugly held the Powerbook while the main pocket held the ThinkPad. Two notebook computers in one bag that was slimmer and more elegant than any of my other bags. AND, as a bonus, an entire wheeled bag to carry the rest of my daily electronic junk.

I’ve ordered a spare power supply for the ThinkPad, and I’ll be picking up a spare for the Powerbook one evening this week. By leaving a set at work I can leave the larger wheeled bag in the car and just carry the tote into work. A perfect solution. I don’t know how many other people have two notebooks to deal with every day, but I would highly recommend investigating the Wenger Patriot.

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