Piling On

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Events seem to be conspiring against me these days. Friday morning as I was arriving at work my cell phone rang. One of my best friends (and perhaps Michele’s best friend of all) had just lost her brother. With my own grief still prominent in my daily life learning of her loss was tough. I talked to her again this morning, and I hope my feeble efforts to comfort her help to ease her way through this toughest of transitions.

I also had a call from my parents today. My mother’s lung cancer, it appears, has returned. She has been having trouble with shortness of breath lately and a chest x-ray revealed a new mass in her lung. She is to have a MRI Monday, and will likely start a new round of treatments this week. Because she has never pursued prognosis details from her doctors no one has any real idea about her true condition.

Just shoot me now.

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