New Author Sadness

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Last night I stayed up late to finish a rather good book by a new author. My love of reading comes from my parents who read to me starting at a very early age, and we’ve shared books an authors throughout my life. My mother in particular reads many of the same authors that I enjoy, and we have shared new finds with each other over the years.

As I was finishing this new book last night, and reading the teaser from the next book I thought to myself I’ll have to tell mom about this author, she’ll like the book. Of course then it hit me; mom will be able to read this first book since it is in print, but the odds of her reading the next one are decreasing every day. While I am always happy to find a new author, I recognize that for the rest of my life there will always be a pang of sorrow since I know my mom won’t get to read the new material any more.

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