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Today was one of those mornings where I was startled awake by the cat at 3:30 am. Her cold wet nose, followed by a raspy tongued lick was sufficient to bring me to full wakefulness. My mistake was in opening my eyes; once she saw that no amount of lying still and play possum worked. She-who-must-be-played-with would not be put off.

As long as I was up I decided to run a full virus scan of the ThinkPad. I’ve been downloading a fair amount of software recently and I wanted to make sure I hadn’t infected myself. All I can say is, it is a good thing that the pause feature works, as the scan was still going strong at 5:30 when I was ready to leave for work. In all, it took 263 minutes (4 hours and 23 minutes) to scan 3,150,983 files and folders on my hard drive.

The best part? She-who-must-be-played-with went back to sleep in the warm spot I left in the bed after I got up. Apparently I never was in charge of my life.

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