Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

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Several weeks ago I happened to drop into the management office here at the apartment complex. The woman that Michele befriended still takes care of the cats when I am away and I was setting her up for another weekend. In passing she told me that my troublesome upstairs neighbors and their “Jerry Springer Show” approach to life were moving out. At the time I was pleased but I really didn’t put too much stock into it as I didn’t want to get my hopes up. This afternoon, coming home from a late lunch I discovered a large moving truck blocking my garage and theirs.

They are actually moving out.

Ding Dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead.

While I am mildly irked that they blocked my garage without so much as a by-your-leave, I’ll put up with it as the bastard is finally going to be gone from my life. No more midnights spent listening to screaming matches, no more sea of cigarette butts in the lawn, no more incessant barking from their small yapper type dog, no more incredibly loud car coming into and out of the garage at all hours of the day and night. no more anything.

Good riddance.

Best part - I know that the complex has a number of empties so the odds are this place above me will stay empty for at least two months.

Michele would have so loved this event.

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